In Honor Of The Women’s March



Arise to the challenge and learn your name, learn your worth

Do not be fooled by the oppressed minds in literature.

The ones that must feel the need of control, power, and self-assurance.

You are more then what is portrayed and your capacity has an endless growth that has yet to be defined.

As stated be meek and humble but not weak

Stand up for your equality and individuality

Be the first to define The Women

Be the first to carry the burdens of the nation on your back

Release the barrens of doubt and hopelessness

You are to be great no matter the surrounding gestures

No one has seen the true greatness in you

A cap has been placed upon you, bottling up your dignity inside of a canister

You have been fed fallacies after fallacies

Suffocating the growling belly that hunger and yearns for its limitless potential

You know not because you don’t ask…. You settle

Settle for the life in the shadows beneath those that follow

Things are not as they seem and you are not following the higher power’s of destiny or dreams

Who will nurture those who can not do for themselves

Speak to all those who will listen

Hear us Roar!!!

By Lukina Burks



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