Endless Prayers


Heal their hearts

Heal their hearts

For they are broken

Soothe their minds, take away their complexities

Draw them a sculpture, that gives them a Oooh and an Aahhh.

Clip their pain running deeply in their veins, constantly altering their blood flow away from the heart.

Can’t you see

Can’t you see it, on each angelic face, flustered with silent tears turned into rage.

Make them feel something. For their souls have gone dry and cold, they are stone.

Stone pieces broken and hitting the ground like rose petals

Give them light, bursting flames, a big bang

Place them in your bosom and bring them back to life

Show them hope in a time of darkness

Their eyes are black and blind

They can no longer see pass the days length

Give them something to fill that void in their bellies, which is taken over by the hunger and cravings of thirst.

Taste their fears and protect them

From this generation to the next

Give them courage to survive, to be alive, to stay alive, to have an urge and a want to live in this life. Give them peace

Heal their hearts

Heal their hearts

O Lord make them see, strength is theirs if only they believed.