Let It Go

IMG_2448Photography by Lukina Burks

There is not enough vibrational pull to fill the resistant cracks of emotions.

As the rock hits the windshield, the coldness spreads

And as the seasons change, the coldness spreads

It is spring but the seed did not germinate and the seasonal mood shift goes unnoticed.

It is not enough to write or speak the melody of the untold story.

The actions brought forth are dry, brittle, and with a hollow center.

In a drought of unknown circumstances, the coldness spreads.

If it is said the water will overflow with love and the river can finally run wild.

Will it be, will it be enough ambition to carry out the empathy needed  to withstand the accumulated load?

If it is spoken in a small peculiar way to the imagination

Shall it be, that the brain wave is skipping in that moment to  forget.

Covering the coldness on the  outside only makes the fire burn imbalanced chemicals on the inside.

As the coldness continues to spread and erupt, the explosive fumes bring forth the vibrational and emotional paths as one.

There begins the new day with a better path that has always been pushing through and foreseen at birth.

Don’t allow the exception to become exceptional to were a resilient moment has to be created. Instead allow things that exude greatness in simplicity to prosper.

Even dogs center themselves before they sit.